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Did You Know

  • The Academy partnered up with Operation Gratitude, a non-profit that sends packages to the U.S military and donated 220 hats.                                                 
  • Thirtyrack Academy coin distribution donates 1/3 earnings toward addiction research studies, advocating a fund toward the Youth Development Prevention Program(YDPP). A scientific substance study act based on an educational approach to address particular areas of concern by empowering healthier lifestyles and choices upon the youth.

  • Recovery Culture coins bring together the addiction culture. “Addiction is a disease of the brain, whether it be alcoholism, or drugs, whatever—it was a choice.” Recovery coins take pride in todays inspiring influence toward a new, healthy lifestyle.They deliver a positive urge of great energy, symbolize togetherness and unity.The’ 30day substance abuse recovery coins minted out of antique copper are here to help remind you, we are undivided along our healing no matter what we have suffered from, we are all survivors— ‘Give me personal peace; forgiveness to self and others; releasing all negative beliefs.